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If they are not, the tickets are extremely cheap. Visit a planetarium or botanic garden — I suggest the planetarium in the winter and the gardens in the spring, though there are some interesting winter plants!

2. Movies then Ice Cream

52 Great Cheap Dates (52 Series) [Lynn Gordon, Susan Synarski] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. These playfully illustrated cards. Feb 13, 52 Date Ideas that are fun, inexpensive, and creative. Keep your relationship strong by having a weekly date night. Get to know each other.

Have a movie marathon, spa night together — Whether you want to watch 4 seasons of the Office at once or all the Julia Roberts movies, you can stay in the comfort of your own home and pamper yourselves. Have a beach day — Bring some snacks, a speaker, plenty of water and a towel and relax all afternoon. You can even invite some friends over. Rent a tandem bike and explore your city — Not only do you get some exercise, but you may also find out something you did not know about the place you live in.

Trivia night at a bar — Put your heads together or compete against each other. If not, just hit up your local brewery! Race together — Up for interpretation. Whether you want to sign up for a local 5k, pick a spot on the map and see who gets there faster, drive go-karts, or bike around town, this cheap idea will bound to get your heart pumping.

52 fun date ideas that will not break the bank

Volunteer together — Dedicate your time giving back to others. Not only is it free, but you will also be helping out your neighborhood! Movie Night : Choose a must-watch highly anticipated film. Choose one that you feel would appeal to your lady love. Get good theatre seats to ensure maximum enjoyment as you watch the movie with your intended.

Empathy is good. It adds to your attraction. She would probably wish to know more about you after. So be sure to schedule a trip to a nearby restaurant for after-movie discussions and sharing. Is the circus in town? Is a Broadway play showing and you know your date wants to watch this? Invest in good tickets. Make sure this date counts, in helping you attain what you want. Attend a dance show or Party Night : If your lady love is a party girl and love dancing, bring her to the hottest party place in your area.

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Paint the town red bar-hopping. Enjoy the night to the max. Rock and dance away your sorrow, swing your waist together and know the best dancer. Give her an evening she is sure to delightedly remember after. Ask her out again for more fun date nights for your mutual pleasure. Night of Food Tripping : Food rounds may be something you and your date may have in common.

Invite her to a restaurant she may not have visited yet and show her just how compatible you are.

Attend a Festival : This is usually a great fun dating idea for both of you as there will be music to suit all tastes, food, drink, shopping and all sorts of other wacky and wonderful things. An Amusement Park : Fun, adrenaline packed with nearly everything you need for a good day out with your love. But be careful with this choice as not everyone likes amusement parks.

Some people think they are for kids. A Hot Air Balloon ride with picnic : The absolute perfect date for a lot of people particularly daters over This just shouts peacefulness, grace, and elegance; you cannot fail to be impressed by this. This is definitely not for everyone and certainly not for girly girls. Skiing : Great fun for all who partake in this sport, guaranteed to be a good day out with your intended. Kayaking : It is a great fun dating idea and very attractive if it just the two of you out on the river or lake.

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Try to plan a route with lots of beautiful scenery and things to see. Get a double kayak for extra bonding. Go-Karting : This can be great fun and I have seen a lot of women doing this and really enjoying themselves, but you have to consider the safety issues when selecting this option as a lot of inexperienced riders get injured from my past experience. Scuba Diving : If your date has a diving qualification then this is a must for a date at some stage. The bonding during this activity is as strong as you are both there to take care of one another.

Mountain Biking : Great fun! It is better to go with a reputable company and let them organize the day for you as this will include bike hire, equipment Inc helmet , insurance and a fun route!

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But if you both have the bikes equipment and know-how, then go ahead and enjoy yourselves. Quad Biking : Excellent fun but this can be dangerous, certainly not a good first date idea.

52 Original Date Ideas

Choose an off-road route if your date seems adventurous and experienced and a simple flat route, if they are a bit nervous and have never been on a quad before. Be extra careful if you choose this option as there are a lot of injuries from this activity each year. Caving : If your date is an outdoors and adventurous person then this will make for a good date. Play card games or board games — This is so much fun! It makes a great double date too. Try a new restaurant — Sometimes couples find a place they like and they stick with it forever.

Why not be spontaneous once in a while? Check out that place that itches your curiosity!

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Take turns to say one random fact about yourself. It can be about your likes and dislikes, your past, or even your hopes and dreams. It can be deep and serious, or just plain weird and funny!

http://comsecgov.com/jozy-best-mobile-phone.php Just have fun with it. Go to a museum — I love museums. But it can be a fun date too! There are museums about all kinds of themes. Just have fun! Some might actually surprise you. Have a spa and relaxation day — Life can become so stressful.

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Give yourselves a break! Get some aromatic candles, give yourselves a back rub, listen to soothing music, and feel your troubles melt away! Take a class together — I love taking classes with my boyfriend! It could even be an online class! Make a blanket fort movie theater — Is watching Netflix an everyday activity for you?

Give it a twist!

Make a cute blanket fort, make some buttery popcorn and have your own comfy movie theater. I would recommend having a professional photography session of course! Have an outdoors adventure — You could go to the beach, go hiking, go camping, etc. There are so many fun outdoor activities.

Pick one and make it an adventure. Dress up and go out — Get fancy, dress formal, and go out looking like royalty! Go to an amusement park or water park — You might have to save up to go to an amusement or water park, but it will be worth it to have an extra fun day together. You could pick a theme like Disney songs!

Visit a bookstore or library — You could pick a book for each other, or just hang out and read. Dedicate songs to each other and make a playlist — Have a musical date!