A Window in the Earth

In Ethiopian Desert, a Window into Rifting of Africa
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Kost took the photos with her SLR camera, adjusting the lens to avoid photographing the specs of dust on the glass. MORE: Aviator's rare photos reveal a bygone world. Kost began curating her collection of Window Seat image is the early s, before social media had truly taken off. Gradually she started accumulating a body of work and considered sharing the images online.

But she was proud of the finished products -- and even enjoyed her repeat trips. One day it might be clouds and the next day it's mountains and the next day it's farmland, while you get this larger and larger volume of images. Today Kost also takes higher-quality images from helicopters and private planes.

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The book showcases Kost's collection, but is also designed to help others find a creative outlet if they are feeling unfulfilled. Now Kost has branched out into digital photography -- and her aerial photographs have taken a step up too. She occasionally hires a helicopter or small plane with the doors off and photographs the local California landscape from the sky.

But she still travels frequently on regular flights for work. Kost is grateful for the opportunities her business travel has afforded her -- particularly the privilege of seeing the Earth from the air:.

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Kost is also active on Instagram, but she eschews the false glamor of social media in favor of finding: "Those little moments in the day that are beautiful and meaningful. This mantra is the crux of Kost's work: "Getting to point A to point B, that's not always the most exciting thing," she says, "But you can find something.

Short-termism and wilful ignorance of Earth’s dire situation pervade discourse

Windows on Earth is a museum exhibit, website, and exploration tool, developed by TERC, Inc and the Association of Space Explorers, that enables the public to. Windows on Earth - Stunning photos by astronauts.

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Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. Earth science helps us study and understand volcanoes that exist elsewhere in the solar system, and what role they play in the formation of life.

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In fact, we can thank volcanoes for life on Earth. Over time, this released gases into the atmosphere. Put simply, volcanoes keep the Earth warm and wet, which are two critical elements for sustaining life.

Zircons: How tiny crystals open a window into the early history of Earth

Scientists wanted to know how volcanoes played a role in planetary formation elsewhere in the solar system, and how they could have the potential for underground life. When we better understand our own planet, we can understand the complexities of the solar system as a whole. Europa has hints of volcanic activity below its icy exterior, which covers an immense liquid water ocean.

This will help us determine if the planet has the necessary forces to sustain life.

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However, scientists are years away from sending a craft to study Europa. First, they need to practice and test their equipment. This will help us understand if the moon is able to sustain life in its vast ocean.

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Cancel Copy Done. Rifting here is fairly slow—one or two centimeters a year, or 0. Bower tested a technique in Iceland called "Raman spectroscopy," using a handheld instrument that resembles a price scanner to measure the scattering of light from ice to learn what the surface is made of. Moon The Earth's one natural satellite, the Moon, is more than one quarter the size of Earth itself Install Opera Mini to better experience this site.

To test their process and equipment, scientists are exploring the frozen, volcanic regions of Earth. Namely, Iceland.