Phil Sheridan and His Army

Phil Sheridan and His Army
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Philip Sheridan

Sheridan commanded troops in the Fifth Military District for seven months in Following this assignment, Sheridan took part in the wars against the American Indians then underway in much of the Western United States. Upon General William T. Sherman's retirement in , Sheridan became the commander of the entire United States Army.

He died five years later, on August 5, , after becoming ill while traveling in the West. Open main menu.

Philip H. Sheridan, Maj. Dee, Christine, ed.

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In mid-June they again returned to Farmington to rest, but on June 26 Sheridan received orders to take the brigade back to Booneville for a third time. Lee and was instrumental in forcing his surrender at Appomattox. Thomas F. Regular Army. When he arrived we began anew the work of breaking a road for the foot troops behind us, my detachment now in advance. Bewertungen und Buchrezensionen 0 0 Sterne-Bewertungen 0 Bewertungen.

Athens: Ohio University Press, Hutton, Paul Andrew. Phil Sheridan and His Army. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, Jordan, Philip D. Ohio Comes of Age: Reid, Whitelaw.

Phil Sheridan: Youth and Early Military Career

Cincinnati, OH: Clarke, Roseboom, Eugene H. The Civil War Era: Sheridan, Philip Henry.

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Personal Memoirs of P. Sheridan, General, United States Army.

Philip Sheridan

Last modified on 20 July , at Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, General Philip Sheridan has been the subject of many writings, but few have focused on his post-Civil War career in detail. Sheridan served as a key figure in the army from to In this capacity he set the strategy for the battle against the natives.

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He believed in harsh treatment for the Indians as the only action the hostile warriors would understand. He traveled to Europe in to view the Prussian Army in the war against France. In the General moved to Louisiana to deal with angry white southerners. In addition, there was the job of escorting railroad survey parties through the northern Plains, and dealing with angry strikers in the labor turmoil of the times.

General Phillip H. Sheridan

Hutton does neglect such topics as the economic and social impact that the army had on the frontier. Nevertheless, this is a fine book, richly illustrated with maps and photos, that should stand the test of time as a significant work on the western military experience.

JOHN W. By Frederick Turner. New York: Viking, Two things, in the main, separate this study from the rest of the pack in the Muir revival.